Itinerary Highlights

  • The Abu Kafan reef in Safaga is approx. 300 meters long and is particularly popular with divers. The south side tapers to a point and is bordered on three sides by steep coral walls. These go almost vertically into the depths. Between the coral blocks and the reef wall you can find a huge (several meter diameter) table coral. Right next to the table coral is a fantastic overhang that you should definitely dive on.
  • A look into the blue water is always worthwhile, especially on the northern plateau. The steep walls on the east and west sides are ideal for drift diving.

Dive sites in this itinerary

  • Marsa Shuona

    The corner and outside north of Shouna is unique for its sprawling sand plateau. Littered in table corals of all shapes and sizes pick your depth on the gradual slope and see what's hiding beneath each one. Of course blue spot rays are abundant but certain times of year bring in breeding guitar rays and other surprises.

  • Elphinstone

    This long finger like reef runs from north to south in the open Red Sea. Steep walls drop to the depths on the reef’s east and west sides, while the north and south ends of the reefs are marked by submerged plateau. Sharks often swim by the spot to feed on the abundant reef fish population.

  • Salem Express

    In the night of December 14, 1991, while on route to the Egyptian port of Safaga, the Salem Express ran aground on Shaab Sheer reef during a storm and struck a leak. The ship had large open decks and sank in minutes. The passengers, mostly pilgrims returning from their Hajj to Mecca, were caught sleeping. It is still unclear why the captain deviated from the safe shipping route. <br/>The Salem Express is now about 1.5 boat hours southeast of Safaga at a depth of between 11 m and 32 m on the starboard side. The Wreck can be dived from the outside. Since not all bodies could be recovered from inside the ship, the Salem Express was officially declared as a grave. In the meantime, the tailgate has been opened to dive in, but the cabins are still not allowed to be entered. <br/>

  • safaga-egypt

    The most famous dive sites in Safaga: Abu Kufan legendary for hammerhead sightings in late spring and manta rays in wintertime. This 300 m long and narrow reef offers a plateau in both north and south tips. Panorama Reef: one of the largest reefs in Safaga, featuring numerous grottos and overhangs, where gorgonians and soft corals thrive with the frequent nurturing currents. Due to the size of the barrier, there are at least three different dives to be done here: the south plateau and the east and the west drop- offs Tobia Arbaa: Named the "seven pillars" after the small pinnacles rising from a sandy bottom. One of the best dives in Safaga, despite the shallow bottom, sometimes cause of not perfect visibility. Soft corals cover all the seven ergs, glass fish, gorgonians, giant puffer fish, octopus, blue spotted rays, morays, lion fish, sergeant majors, nudibranchs and many more.

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